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All Weight Machines provided by Workout Warehouse (Icon Health).
They are the largest manufacturer of Fitness Equipment in the world.
Shipping Available to USA, Canada & International.
Weider Club 8980 W System
Weider Club 8980 W System
With up to 175 lbs. of resistance, the Weider Club 8980 W System has everything you need to build muscle and lose weight. The high and low pulleys offer a combined fifty-five exercises to target hard to reach areas. Pull-up, VKR and dip stations are all featured on this amazing system and will assist in building strong, defined lats, biceps, forearms, quads, abs and more. Pulleys offer a much larger range of motion, which makes them very versatile so you can perform more exercises to target those harder to get areas.
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Epic S83 Power System
Epic S83 Power System
This top-of-the-line commercial weight system is truly impressive. With pivoting pulleys that work independently, you can enjoy a free range of motion while performing a number of exercises that can define and strengthen your entire body. The heavy-duty commercial construction will hold up to heavy-duty use and is levels above what you typically see on the retail market. This is a commercial quality gym with incredibly smooth operation and 400 lbs. of machined weight plates will give you a total-body workout for years.
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