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All Kettle Bells provided by Workout Warehouse (Icon Health).
They are the largest manufacturer of Fitness Equipment in the world.
Shipping Available to USA, Canada & International.
Gold's Gym 15 lb. Kettlebell
Golds Gym
Gold's Gym 15 lb. Kettlebell
Get a total-body, calorie-burning workout with this functional strength training tool. The new, extra-wide grip gives you more room for fat-busting workouts. You'll improve your balance and body control as you tone your arms, shoulders, back and legs. This kettlebell has a neoprene coating for added comfort. This kettlebell has an extra-wide grip so you stay comfortable throughout your workout.
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Ultimate PowerBell™
Ultimate PowerBell™
Get ready for the fastest, muscle-building, fat-fighting workout you've ever experienced. It'll tone you up and slim you down with each movement. It's a total-body workout that integrates cardio with strength so you get the full benefits of each exercise. You'll keep your fitness routing in check with a variety of workouts, a step-by-step DVD and tips for success directly from Jillian. Plus the innovative SpaceSaver® Design of the PowerBell™ keeps your workout space clutter-free so you can focus on trimming down and finding that perfect you.
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