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All Treadmills provided by Workout Warehouse (Icon Health), Smooth & Yowza Fitness.
All 3 are considered Top 10 Manufacturers of Treadmills in the World.
Shipping Available to USA, Canada & International.
Epic XTr Treadmill
Best Buy 2011 - Treadmill Doctor
Smooth Fitness 9.45 ST Treadmill Fitness Machine
The Smooth Fitness 9.45ST is a sturdy, powerful treadmill for the runner at heart, with a 20x60-inch deck surface and an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all parts and electronics. Includes a Whisper Weave tread belt, motion control hands-free speed adjustment system, a Hydra-Suspension system with adjustable cushioning, a commercial grade triple-laminated phenolic deck and wireless heart rate control.
Consumer Favorite
Epic XTr Treadmill
The Epic XTr is the treadmill with endurance, motivation and success, built-in. Step up to personalized support with the adjustable cushion deck. It will keep you comfortable so you can reach the finish line. Move to the beat of your favorite music with the built-in sound system. The Compatible Music Port for iPod® will keep you inspired to lose weight and stay in shape. The XTr will also help you run faster, jump higher and be stronger with the help of 34 built-in workouts.
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Smooth Fitness 9.45 ST Treadmill Fitness Machine
Smyrna Transformer folding treadmill
Yowza Fitness
Smyrna Treadmill
Built on our patented Transformer frame, the Smyrna is custom designed to offer the best possible value.  Perfect for all members of the family the Smyrna provides all the tools you need to combine fitness and entertainment.  Standard equipment includes an iPod dock, speakers, heart-rate control and 3-speed fan providing you with the perfect package.
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