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All Healthrider Treadmills provided by Workout Warehouse (Icon Health & Fitness).
They are the largest manufacturer of Fitness Equipment in the world.
Shipping Available to USA, Canada & International.
HealthRider Club Series H155t
HealthRider H75t
Best Buy Treadmill
HealthRider Club Series H155t
With technology that was once only available on health club equipment, this treadmill features a cable-ready TV built-in to the console. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows while you exercise. The H155t also features 32 built-in workouts. Choose between 10 Weight-Loss, 9 Aerobic or 9 Performance Workouts to reach your goals. Each workout adjusts your speed and incline to help you reach the results you want. You can also customize 4 Create and Save™ Workouts to save for later.
Consumer Favorite
HealthRider H75t
Featuring 15 built-in workouts, you can quickly select your fitness goal and start your workout program by pressing start. Choose from 5 Weight-Loss, 4 Personal Trainer, 3 Performance or 3 Create & Save™ Workouts. Plus, the H75t also features iFit® Workout Card Technology. For more specific fitness options select a workout card that targets the results you want. Each workout card is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and offers 8 weeks of progressive workouts and audibly coaching. Workout cards are available in Weight Loss.
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