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Last Update: Mar 10, 2015
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Q: How much space does a Treadmill take up?
A: It all depends! You can buy a folding treadmill or elliptical that won’t take up much room after exercising but when using them they all have footprints. Make sure you get the exact dimensions of the machine fully extended then measure out where you want it to go in your home and have at least a foot of clearance on all sides. Very important to know the dimensions of the machine you want to buy.

Q: Do I have to assemble my new Treadmill?
A: Unless it specifically says on their website or store that this machine will come assembled or a Technician will come out and assemble it for you in your home you will probably have to assemble it yourself and unless you’re mechanically challenged it is usually fairly straight forward. But one important factor is you’re Machines “Weight.” Some machines might weigh well over 100 pounds so try assembling it in the room you’re going use it in.

Q: If I purchase a "Top Rated" Treadmill does that mean I will not have any problems with it in the future?
A: No. There no guarantee the machine you buy will show up at your home in perfect working condition with no issues. Factors to remember are Shipping, Handling and Assembly of your machine. If any of these three factors are not done properly it could have a negative outcome on your purchase.

Q: How long will a Treadmill Last?
A: Many factors will come into play. The Brand, Assembly, Care, Use and one major factor is Cost. Cheap treadmills (under $300) will have cheap parts and poor warranties or none. I purchased a Weslo Treadmill back in the late nineties for $800 and it is still working. General rule is higher the cost the higher the quality! Manufacturers usually will not say this equipment will last this long or after so many miles or kilometers of use. Machines used everyday will have a shorter lifespan then machines used periodically.

Q: What should I pay for a new Treadmill?
A:  As I said before cheap treadmills are not going to last very long even if their easy on the pocket book. If I were buying a treadmill today I would be looking at somewhere between “$900 to $3000.” Going over $3000 you might not be able to get your money's worth from it unless it’s used everyday. Elliptical trainer maybe $500 to $2000 because elliptical are less expensive because they usually don't have motors.

Q: Should I get a Machine with a Warranty?
A: Yes, it is always good to protect your investment with a good warranty. Expensive machines usually come with longer warranties because they know their machines will probably never break down and Cheap Machines will probably break down after the 3 months parts and labor warranty has expired, unfortunately.

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