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Last Update: Mar 10, 2015
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The seat on the upright bike will be higher off the ground compared to the recumbent bike and the pedals will be down in front of you so your hips and knees are not parallel, just like a real bicycle. If you don’t have a bad back then this bike is probably better to buy because it will take up less space.

This bike is just like the recumbent bike which has no motor and runs on human energy. You will usually find a magnetic resistance flywheel in which tension can be increased or decreased by using a knob. The Upright Bike will have a seat that can go up or down but not forward or backwards. The Seat on these bikes is very similar to the ones you will find on bicycles like ten speeds and mountain bikes. These seats are flat and narrow in the front and wider in the back with no back rest.

The gauges found on these bikes usually include Speed, Distance, Time, Fat Burning, Fan and CD Players. The number of gauges and programs found on these bikes probably depend on how much you are willing to pay. A good Upright Bike will cost you at least $200 and can go up to $2000 or more.

The footprint of the Upright Bike is usually smaller then the Recumbent Bike. These bikes are usually the same width but are shorter in length so make sure you know the footprint before you buy.

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